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Customer Success Story Concept

EV Focus

The Scenario (paragraph 1): When Ronnie and Lucinda Smith started looking for a new car, they knew they wanted to get an electric vehicle. What they didn’t anticipate was how much they would save via rebates and how little it would cost to charge. They assumed that they would have to adjust their driving habits to accommodate their first all-electric vehicle, but the transition ended up being virtually seamless.

The Scenario (paragraph 2): Taking advantage of both state and federal tax rebates knocked about $10,000 off of the sticker price of their Nissan Leaf, which they chose because it was the most economical and perfectly met their needs. As a daily driver and on short road trips, they never risked exhausting the 240 or so miles they get per charge.

Customer Quote: “After about three weeks, it stopped occurring to me that it’s electric” Ronnie Smith, EV Owner

Project Snapshot: Financial and spec information about EV purchase.

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