Melanie Wemple (Product Manager)

Melanie Wemple leads customer journey-mapping workshops for large and small electric and gas utilities, and uses her deep understanding of utility operations to design and implement strategies that enhance customer interactions and improve utility operations. As part of her workshops, she convenes senior leadership to identify and prioritize the gaps between the utility’s current customer experience and what that experience should be. Melanie works closely with clients to design change management and communications plans that are rooted in the organization’s culture to ensure that the agreed-upon strategies can be deployed effectively. Among her recent projects, Melanie has helped major US and Canadian utilities transform the customer outage experience. Her topical expertise also includes electric and gas energy efficiency and demand-response programs.

Before joining E Source, Melanie worked with Standard Renewable Energy, a company focused on lowering consumers’ utility bills through energy-efficiency and renewable technologies. She also helped develop hazard mitigation plans for major universities in the Southeast US. She honed her research capabilities while working at National Geographic and published articles in multiple editions of the magazine. Melanie holds a BA in geography with a minor in environmental studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.


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