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Luis Cabral Headshot

Luis Cabral

Administrative Manager

Luis Cabral is an Administrative Manager in Nexant’s Utility Services business unit located in the Toronto, ON office. Luis will serve as the Survey Management Lead for this contract. He has more than 10 years of experience developing, conducting, and managing surveys; in-depth interviews; and call center staff, including quality assurance and quality control. Luis has worked extensively with various key stakeholders and business partners to develop and field surveys and facilitate in-depth interviews. He manages Nexant’s Toronto-based survey research lab and call center. Luis also brings extensive experience in project management and business analysis.

Areas of Expertise

Survey Management: Developing and fielding surveys; conducting interviews; and gathering requirements through in-depth interviews with data architects, contractors, third-party vendors, and internal teams; and serving as a quality control specialist.

Program Process Evaluation: Reviewing and analyzing customer program data in order to develop process evaluation instruments such as in-depth interview guides, program element focused surveys as well as compiling, analyzing and documenting the results to develop supporting program feedback reports.

Project Management: Managing and coordinating work efforts during various stages of the project delivery lifecycle, including testing phases, pilot, production rollout, and enhancement rollouts; ensuring timely delivery of project milestones and adhering to quality assurance methodologies and strict timelines; and providing ongoing communication of project status, completing project reports, and escalating issues as required.

Team Coordination: Developing, facilitating training and providing ongoing subject-matter expertise during knowledge transfer activities; developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with project team members in order to collaboratively reach project milestones and follow through project plans to completion; and working collaboratively with solution architects, business clients/partners, and third-party vendors.

Representative Project Experience

Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) – Evaluation of Residential and Business Portfolio of Programs (2020 – Present)
Luis is part of the team evaluating the IESO Residential and Business Portfolio of Programs for the Interim Framework. He manages the Survey Research Lab and Call Center team based in Toronto, ON. Luis manages and oversee the team that develops and field all the surveys, and develop all the in-depth interview (IDI) guides and conduct the IDIs for all commercial and residential programs. Luis manages and oversee the survey development in Qualtrics, and the collection and compilation of data. He is responsible for QC/QA of the services provided by the Survey Research Lab and Call Center. He coordinates with the technical staff to ensure accuracy of the collected results. Luis also manages the call center team that schedules and coordinate site visits with the engineering team for all programs.

Enbridge Gas – Process Evaluation of Commercial Programs (2020 – Present)
Luis manages the survey research and call center team conducting the process evaluation of all the commercial gas programs in Ontario delivered by Enbridge, which includes legacy Union Gas. The process evaluation includes surveys and in-depth interviews (IDIs) of participants, delivery agents, and Enbridge program staff and account specialists. Luis manages the development and fielding of surveys, conducting IDIs, and data collection, compilation and analysis. The outcome of the evaluation will assist Enbridge with the design of its portfolio of programs for the next framework, which may include improvements to existing programs or completely new programs.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy – Evaluation of the Residential and Business Programs (2020 – Present)
Luis manages the survey research and call center team developing and fielding web and phone survey outreach efforts for the Wisconsin based programs. The outreach focus in process evaluation of the programs to assists Focus on Energy to improve the effectiveness of their programs. Luis manages and oversees all aspects of survey development and implementation using the Qualtrics platform. Luis is responsible for final QC/QA of deliverables and services provided by the Nexant Survey Research Lab and Call Center.