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Case Study: Customer-Facing Website

Utah Energy Code

New Site



Utah Energy Code is a state-specific Building Energy Code Program supporting the development and implementation of residential and commercial  building energy codes by engaging with government and industry stakeholders, and by providing technical assistance for code development, adoption, and compliance. Through advancing building codes, we aim to improve building energy efficiency, and to help states achieve maximum savings.

The Utah Energy Code partnered with Nexant to develop a one-stop-shop training website for all things Energy Code. The Nexant Program Marketing staff worked to create a mobile-responsive site, using open-source CMS platform WordPress due to its expansion possibilities and ease of use. The new web platform united Utah Energy Code trainings and broadened online functionality to include livestreaming residential training; Dr. Energy blogging; upcoming events calendar and registration; and resources.

Development of a dynamic and responsive website to improve contractor engagement.

The Utah Energy Code had no website or resource for contractors to access for on-demand or live training and resources. Nexant collaborated with Utah Energy Code staff to develop an online platform providing access to Utah Energy Code trainings and resources. The site features a breadth of the custom site components including a live streaming feature with access to previously recorded trainings, event calendar with registration feature, and blog feature from “Dr. Energy”. The new website has addressed all needs and has received a positive response.

Areas of Expertise

Web Design • CMS Development • Responsive Design • Customer-Centric UX/UI Design • Online Registration • Hosting • Data Security

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