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NexNet Business Unit Pages Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does content get uploaded / go live? We submit the template and....then what? What are the timescales for the new BU pages going live?

A. Once the content is provided, it will be sent to our contracted developer to place content into design. Once page is in preview mode, we will send to BU admins to review/approve. All business unit pages will be pushed live at the same time (estimated launch date of August 20, 2018).

Q. I think I saw something that said this was being done by an external contractor? If so can we liaise direct with them over page layout, template queries etc?

A. The contractor is being used to develop the initial pages. Layouts are templated and will feature a consist header image (computer background with BU name) and then desired content, as well as a footer.

Q. After we submit the template, will we be able to see how it will look on the intranet, before it goes "live" ?

A. Yes

Q. How quickly can updates/amendments be made, and new content added once the BU pages are live? Will the administrators be able to do that? If not, what is the process?

A. Once the site is live, edits will be coordinated through an internal team member and pushed live at least once a week, a reminder email will be sent 24 hours before the pages are published.

Q. Will there be the ability to have a dynamic flash overlay for announcements

A. Not at the moment

Q. Will the files be stored in site or Google Drive?

A. The files are stored on GDrive for now

Q. How long did Marketing and HR pages take?

A. Two days

Q. Can you link to a separate page on site?

A. Yes

Q. Do we have to provide keywords for the search feature?

A. That is not necessary

Q. Does HR have plans to work on an employee directory?

A. Currently set up in Oracle; we may need to send out a few more email to employees to update their information (Chris/Lydia will touch base offline regarding display issues)

Q. How are you feeling about timeline (from internal team)?

A. Agree to have content submitted and then review/approved by BU leaders; potential to extend a week if needed. The sooner you can get the content up, the longer you will have to make edits to the look.

Q. How would you post Newsletters?

A. Link to the an online version or a PDF (phase 2 would be ability to create newsletters within the intranet platform)

Q. How to notify users that information is available on your page?

A. Katy and team working on communication plan – this could be added to it; in future admin would own manage notification process (internal team could provide template in phase 2)

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