Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

Small Business Offering: Geo-targeted Customer Awareness Campaign



ComEd was looking to drive awareness of their Small Business Energy Efficiency offering across the Chicagoland area, specifically the suburban and rural regions. Majority of the offering’s energy savings comes from the Chicago Metro area based on its dense population but there was a very large opportunity to gain participation outside of the city limits. The challenge, however, was that these more rural and suburban businesses were skeptical of the offering because of general lack of awareness, ComEd’s reputation and lack of trust from outreach individuals coming from Chicago “the city”.

Nexant performed a deep dive on available customer data through SalesForce and identified available customers, propensity to participate and then broke down by customer segment (3 segments rose to the top). We then overlayed 33 high opportunity zip codes based on these factors and Service Provider expertise and coverage. The marketing channels chosen focused on budget maximation and insights on where the top 3 customer segments received messaging.

A fully integrated campaign with geo-targeted digital advertising, social media, custom landing pages, and outreach collateral. Custom landing pages brought in leads across 20 different Service Providers, the Facebook ads generated 1.57% CTR. These ads performed better than the industry standard by 0.79%. Overall, the campaign brought in more than 1,000 projects and 34 GWh of savings in just seven weeks. Data from the campaign netted learnings that women in a business setting drove the most engagement, which was used in subsequent campaigns.

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Retro-Commissioning Offering: Case Study and Video Awareness Campaign



In an effort to simplify the technical complexities of the offering, we developed a series of videos that would act as both inbound marketing and outreach material for ComEd as well as its network of RCx contractors. The RCx and MBCx “101” videos provide a customer-friendly overview of each offering, helping audiences understand the benefits of undertaking a project and urging them to speak to a contractor to begin their own savings journey. The Michigan Plaza case study video showcases a real-world success story, adding a human element to the offering while helping prospective customers bridge the gap between theoretical benefits and tangible results.

These evergreen videos have proven to be an effective 1-2 punch, generating a 26% uptick in lead generation through placement in social media, on the web, and in customer-facing newsletters by ComEd as well as its contractors.

Michigan Plaza video
RCx 101 video
MBCx 101 video

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