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Business Direct Install Pathway: Customer Awareness Campaign



Orange & Rockland (O&R) and its subsidiary, Rockland Electric Company, serve approximately 300,000 electric customers in New York and northern New Jersey, and more than 130,000 natural gas customers in New York. O&R offers a Small Business Direct Energy Efficiency program to its business customers but has had minimal success increasing participation. To solve for this, O&R partnered with Nexant to develop an awareness campaign to select customers for participation in the O&R Business Direct Install (BDI) Pathway.

The Nexant Marketing Team worked to create a fully integrated campaign. Shortly thereafter, COVID-19 arrived and shifted the course of our marketing tactics drastically. Nexant’s approach quickly changed from a simple awareness and adoption strategy to a series of three customer campaign emails to inform 4,000 customers that O&R is here to help during these challenging times.

The first email launched in early July and featured “two great ways to save” with O&R which directed users to a campaign landing page with more details and a contact form for collecting trackable leads. This first email yielded a 62% lead generation conversion rate. The second email launched on August 4, 2020 featuring updated messaging, a reminder of the first email sent to customers, and including a do-it-yourself savings checklist. This email directed customers to an updated version of the landing page and has already generated a 50% lead generation conversion rate. The third email deployed in September, featured a virtual energy consultation process and yielded an 85% increase in leads from the second email that was deployed. This integrated awareness campaign was the most successful marketing initiative O&R has deployed in the last 3 years.

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