Brand Building Plan

In an effort to show you an example of our creative thinking for the RFP, we prepared sample creative for a customer story, paid social media and billboards utilizing the data provided by E Source. Our creative approach focused on addressing the identified pain points by developing geo-targeted messaging that will convince motorists that an electric vehicle will fit seamlessly into their lives and ultimately offer benefits over gas powered vehicles (but not outrightly saying gas powered vehicles). By understanding the automotive usage scenarios of three distinct geographic profiles, we were able to craft messaging that will alleviate buyer apprehension through persuasive and time-sensitive imperatives that will quickly move consumers to action. Through copy, we will convey the truth about EV capabilities thereby correcting common misconceptions as well as hinting toward the brighter future that these cars will signal. Through imagery, we will connect with audiences on an emotional and social level, creating a feeling of familiarity that will work toward building trust. Combined, we will convey a tone of casual authority, instilling in consumers the feeling that they are making a wise choice motivated by a knowledgeable friend in making the switch to an EV.

Concept Samples

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Social Media Concepts


Customer Success Story Concept


Billboard Concepts

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